prayer for the new year

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prayer for the new year

prayer for the new yearAnother day, another year you have graciously given to us. Not that any of us deserve it but you love us more, we thank you GOD.

We commit the families represented here, and the countries, their resolutions you know best God, their plans and challenges we commit upon you this year, that father you will hold them tenderly in your arms. Restore upon us all the peace of your salvation and make this year an eternally gracious year to us all.

People are waking up to different challenges this morning, some have lost loved ones, some are in hospitals, some are ailing in their homes, some are strained with financial problems, some are looking at exams and many kinds of challenges. Jesus we put all in your hands. You have promised that we ask And shall receive. god we pray that you reach all this people this year. Bless them, Touch them that honor and glory shall be given unto you.

We pray for peace oh dear Father. In our various countries and homes God…let your Holy Spirit walk through touching hearts. Forgive us our sins and make the AMREDEEMED ministry a success in touching people’s lives in a mightier way than last year.

We all have needs and wants. GOD for the readers of this prayer i know not their needs, but i pray that Father you touch us all at our points of need. The silent prayers hidden deep withing us Father, reveal them in your seat of Glory. And us in unison we say an AMEN, JESUS walk into our lives and transform us to new creations.

All this we humbly ask in the NAME OF CHRIST JESUS OUR SAVIOR…

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