Prayers For The Sabbath Today

1 min

Starting this Sabbath, we will be sharing with you all the issues that we pray and hope you will mention in your prayers that are happening all around the world. If you have an issue or a Prayer request you would like us to have here, write to us at [email protected] or Fill this Contact Form

A lot of things are happening all across the world, a lot of bad things actually and we need to be more closer to God now than ever and bring all these to His feet in prayers.

More than 2000 years ago, Christ Himself made His relationship with His Father a big priority of His ministry on earth. Christ’s life was that of prayer, every minute He could spare He would find his way to a solitary place and speak to God in prayers.

How much more do we need prayers today!

Yesterday, 27 lives were lost to terrorism in Mali. Armed men attacked a hotel and help more than 170 people hostages. Thank God for the quick action by the security forces the situation could have been far worse. Let us pray for the friends and families of the deceased that they may find strength and comfort in the Lord.

Let us also remember to pray for the innocent victims of terrorism across the world. From the families and friends of the deceased in Paris, Nigeria, Baghdad, Beirut to the innocent children and women being bombed in Syria by the French, Russian and British Forces. Even more earnestly, let us remember to pray for those living inside ISIS held cities who are in constant fear of death from the terrorists and now fear the bombardment happening around them.

Let us remember to pray for our Church leadership for strength and wisdom from above. Pray for local church leaders across the world and all the evangelistic campaigns going on around the world. Some are in hostile environments, some are in TV and/or Radio stations, some like us are an online ministry. Let us pray that God uses us all to reach to His sons and daughters with the precious truths of the Bible.

Finally, this Sabbath, pray for us, pray for this ministry that we keep on finding more easier ways of connecting Adventists and spreading the gospel of God.

Happy Sabbath.

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