Preachers Want Private Jets Because Demons Travel On Normal Ones

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Jesus may have been a fan of the frugal lifestyle (the 40-day episode in the desert), but not all of his followers are willing to make the same sacrifices.

A couple of televangelists have said that they should fly private jets.


Kenneth Copeland (the guy in the red shirt) and his fellow prosperity gospel preacher Jesse Duplantis made arguments for the motion in a YouTube video for Kenneth Copeland Ministries posted on December 30.

Here’s their reasoning.

Preachers argue for private jets because demons travel on normal ones
Kenneth Copeland made a passionate argument (Picture: YouTube/jeffre2012)

You can’t talk to God on a normal plane

Copeland said he couldn’t talk to God on a normal passenger plane because people may get freaked out.

He apparently talks to God all the time while travelling on private jets.

He just gets up and shouts at him.

God told them to get private jets

The big man himself said it’s OK.

Copeland’s preacher mate Creflo Dollar, who failed to get donations for his own $65 million private jet, was on board at the time.

Jesse Duplantis
Evanglical Jesse Duplantis is a big fan of private jets (Picture: YouTube/jeffre2012)

It’s a sanctuary

Private jets are a sanctuary.

They’re too famous

Multi-millionaire preachers are celebrities now and would be harassed every time they stepped on a normal plane.

Copeland talked about pastor Oral Roberts whose spirit had become agitated as a result of him flying traditional airlines.

We’re demons

Copeland can’t get into a ‘long tube’ with a bunch of demons (aka you).

‘It works on your heart, it really does,’ added Jesse Duplantis when talking about the horror of flying with normal people.


They need it for their work

They would have to stop 90 per cent of their ‘work’ if they didn’t have a private jet to take them to all the destinations they need to get to.

Copeland said if he really wanted to fly for the fun he’d just use his little single engine plane.

Preachers are in ‘soul business’ (show business)

Yes, he admitted what most of us already knew.

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