What are you preaching with your life?

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When I think of a preacher I think of a man dressed in a nice suite standing behind the pulpit on stage in church. Bible in one hand. Microphone in the other. A crowd of people in front of him.

When I think of a missionary I think of someone in a foreign country. Spreading love to the poor and the needy. Building orphan homes. Sharing the gospel.

But my thinking on both of these has changed in the past few years.

Yes, God calls some people to preach the gospel, with a microphone, behind a pulpit, in front of a crowd. But He calls ALL of us to preach the gospel without a microphone, with no crowd, with no pulpit…. But rather in our every day lives to every single person that we meet.

You are a walking, talking, breathing testimony of God working in your life through His Word. YOU are the gospel that people who have never heard of Christ get to see every day.

Don’t let the fact that you don’t wear a suit and don’t get to hold a microphone fool you… God called you to spread His Good News just like He called those preachers up on stage.

One day every person will be held accountable for how well they preached His gospel, not only with their words but even more importantly, with their lives. Because it is with your actions and deeds that the gospel is proclaimed… not necessarily with your words.

So… what can you say for yourself? Are you a pretty good “preacher”?

preach the gospelGod also calls some people to be missionaries to foreign countries to spread the gospel to people who have no access to the Bible, to a church, or to anyone who has heard the Good News. But He calls ALL of us to be missionaries right where we are today.

Your mission field may not be Africa but it is most definitely your school, your community, and your church. You don’t have to travel to Africa to find hopeless, discouraged, poor, lost people who are desperately in need of a Savior… you just need to go to your next door neighbor, to the homeless shelter in your city, to the rehab center in your area.

You are called to be God’s hands and His feet to everyone around you. You are called to help the needy. You are called to bring hope to the lost. You are called to serve those around you.

I love how in Acts 1:8 after God sends the disciples and the people gathered together the Holy Spirit He tells them to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and then to the ends of the earth. Where does He ask them to start first? At home. And that’s where you and I need to start first. Right under our own roofs. Unless and until God calls you to spread His Good News in a foreign country you are called to spread it right where you’re at.

So, once again… what can you say for yourself? Are you a pretty good missionary?

You don’t need microphone to preach and you don’t need to go on a plane ride to be a missionary. You are called to be both of those to every single person in your life. Let God use you today to spread His gospel to those people that are depending on you to be God’s witness of His great love for them.

Be blessed today as you reach out to those around you!  Anna… ♥ http://daughterbydesign.wordpress.com

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