You are a Priest and God has chosen you.

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The word “Ordain” means to officially “select” or “choose”.

By this logic, business owners and managers ordain employees every day.   And many communities, from local churches, to neighborhood associations, to non-profits, and businesses ordain leaders to support and direct their purposes.

But more importantly, today and every day, Jesus ordains you.  He has officially chosen you.  You were hand picked.  He didn’t just ask for anybody.  He is asking for you.  In fact, He asked me to find you.  And now I have.

It’s amazing to me that He would ask ME to find you.  Who am I?  Why would He choose ME?  Simple.  He chose me because I could reach you and He needs the specific gifts, abilities, and skill sets that you bring to the table.  Your resume matches a job description He is looking to fill in His kingdom.  So if you are available, He chooses you.  Let Him Know Your your interest in the position as soon as possible and He’ll set up a meeting to go over what you can do for His kingdom.  And just so you know, there really isn’t much competition for your position in His kingdom, because you are indispensibly unique and valuable to His mission and purpose.  So please consider accepting this ordination.  Jesus wants you.

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