‘Prophet’ Mboro releases photos he claims he took in Heaven

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There is stupidity, ignorance and there is prophet Mboro. This man has literally taken the gospel to a whole new level of ridicule that I cringe with anger.

He reminds me of Christ who walked in the Synagogue only to find it turned into a market place.

During the Sunday service of the Easter weekend, Mboro claimed that he had been snatched into heavens by God and that whilst there, he did take several photos of himself ‘hanging out’ with the angels of God,

The photos, he said, could only be released after payment of R5000 (South African Rands), about $340.

While browsing on Facebook, he saw a photoshoped image that was done to ridicule him showing that he is within the clouds. In his ignorance, he claimed that was a ‘leaked’ photo of himself in heaven but would still release ‘the’ ones he took with Angels.


He also shared a Computer Aided render of man’s
‘perception’ of what the ladders to heaven that Jacob saw might look like. Of course he took credit and still claimed ‘more’ photos were forthcoming with the Angels.


But when we reverse search for this particular image, the results are as of course expected.


This Mboro speaks of a guy who is so full of himself that he thinks he is the only technologically advanced mind in his village. It therefore did not occur to him that;

  1. Someone would share his gospel to a world that reads and can discern truth and lies
  2. That Google is capable of reverse searching images as well
  3. That small circle would catch up with him


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