Prophet Owuor releases his video of Westgate attack prediction

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prophet Owuor
prophet Owuor

Prophet David Owuor has released a video, detailing his one year old prophecy of Westgate terror attack.
Apparently, on July 9 2012, the prophet while speaking in Austria, warned that a dark day was coming for Kenya.
This was during a call he made to ‘Jesus is Lord’ radio. He then repeated the same prophecy while in Dublin on November 25th.

Here’s the video, you can begin from around the 5th minute. One question stands out-its unclear.

Biblical prophecies have always had a ‘time’ a ‘place’ and a reason. According to Owuor-the Lord wanted Kenyans to prepare for National repentance. Its should be remember that Owuor brought the politicians for another National repentance to avert a post election chaos. That we did not have the violence-does it mean his prophecy was true? And if his prophecy is true-then it means the National repentance he orchestrated worked to appease God-but why would God send another ‘distress’ in the form of Westgate attack?

In the Prophecy-Owuor speaks of a lot of home made bombs-the bombs at the westgate were grenades and anti missiles used by the KDF. No home made bombs. In the prophecy-it appears that the prophet is in the chaos-something that did not happen as he was miles away.

He makes claims of the bombs making a ‘hole’. That the KDF exploded part of the mall to create a ‘hole’ is it a coincidence or his prophecy was true. But here is the catch-according to him, it is the people with ‘arabic’ tongues who caused the hole, but reality on the ground is that it is our very own KDF responsible.

In the 9th minute-it appears he is not sure where this will happen. He is seen speculating that a war is coming ‘around East Africa’. Seriously? For a ‘man of God’ you gotta be more accurate than that. This were speculations…and who did not speculate? Immediately the KDF entered Somalia it was expected that the Al-Shaabab will retaliate sometime-and he threw himself in the pool of speculators. His speculation is even far fetched as he speaks of ‘war’ between Kenya, Tanzani, Somalia-while this attack was targeted to Israel.

That he released this video and relates it to what happened shows a desparate fame seeker trying to reap fame in the face of disaster and to look like the ‘true prophet’ that foretold the future.

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