Prophet Owuor sees doom and death in Saba Saba

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The self proclaimed prophet of God Dr. David Owuor has prophesied doom, death and destruction ahead of the high profile Saba Saba rally by Kenya’s opposition CORD. In his own words;

The Lord has spoken with me through a dream. I saw a group of youth surging as if they were running for their lives on Saba Saba.

I gave the prophecy of dead bodies lying on the road way before the 2007 PEV.

I see a storm coming but the Lord has a way out. The Lord is seeking righteousness; he wants repentance.”

Whether this will come to pass or not, only time will tell. From time immemorial, we have pointed out the errors in doctrine and prophecies of this man and have proved many a times that he is indeed a self-proclaimed man of God but lacks that authority from God.

From Prophet Owuor fighting for fame, he then claimed to have seen the coming of Christ, he then released a video of him predicting the Westgate Attacks claiming he had seen them before hand and Kenya ‘failed to repent’.

We had a detailed article on whether he is a true or false prophet. The bible has taught us that it is indeed right to expose and judge false teachers who are out to distort the word of God.
Among his many assertions and false doctrines if the popular doctrine of the secret rapture. In his version, apparently God plans o steal righteous people from the earth so that they would not endure suffering. This we proved that is a complete fabrication of the precious truths of the word of God. The truth about the secret rapture is indeed the very opposite.

If his teachings were true, the Daniel and his friends would not be thrown in a burning furnace, nor Daniel in a den of lions nor Christ nailed to the cross etc. The bible has sufficient examples in which men of God walked ‘through’ tribulations with God like Noah in the floods but were never stolen by God to escape such tribulations.

His prophecies have numerous errors and would be more of guesses than prophecies. For instance, the weather man makes calculated guesses based on climatic conditions  to foretell what he ‘thinks’ might happen. Today such person is helped by geographical data, satellites and equipment that makes his guesses accurate-but many a times we have been caught pants down so to speak in that their foretells do not happen as they said.

Most of his prophecies can be so described, accurate guesses. Again. it is left for time to tell. Kenya is a political volcano fuelled by tribal politics and it is always a matter of time before such a volcano erupts. If he were a real prophet, I would dare him to pin point more accurate information to his prophecies. As it is, the prophecies are vague in nature.

Tell us where the violence will start from, where will it go next, what will our leaders do, if it does happen until when? Biblical prophecies have been known to be so accurate. If you read through Daniel, you will find Daniel’s prophecies had exact times and even at some point the very names of the participants.

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