A prostitute, a blind man, and a tax collector…

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They saw an adulterer who deserved to be punished for her shameful misconduct.

He saw a woman who needed to be loved and cared for like a fragile child.

{John 8:1-11}

They saw a blind, rambling man that needed to be shut down and ignored.

He saw a man who was desperately in need of his healing touch.

{Luke 18:35-43}

They saw a group of men that were despised, un-approachable, cast off by society.

He saw people who longed to be cared for, loved, and accepted as they were.

{Luke 17:11-19}

They saw little children that were not worth their time.

He saw innocent little lives that needed to be invested into.

{Matthew 19:13-15}

They saw a woman who tried to fill her needs with one man after another.

He saw someone whose emptiness could only be filled with living water that only He could give.

{John 4:1-34}

They saw a man who cheated them, abused the system, and was a waste of time.

He saw someone who needed a chance at forgiveness and a new start.

{Luke 19:1-10}

Isn’t interesting… the difference between how Jesus saw people and how others saw them?

Imagine if we chose to see people through the eyes of Jesus every day…

…If we saw the alcoholics and drugs addicts as people who are desperately searching to fill a void only Jesus can fill.

And instead of looking down on them and pointing fingers we lifted them up in prayer and pointed them to God?

…If we saw the young teenage girl who is ready to give herself away to the first guy that walks into her life as a young soul desperate to feel the love and acceptance of Jesus.

And instead of talking behind her back to one another, we talk to her, be-friend her, love her as Jesus would, and help her feel the warmth and comfort of belonging in a loving church family.

…If we saw church leaders who stumble and fall as mere humans who have weaknesses and are constantly attacked by Satan so that they will be brought down.

And instead of judging them behind closed doors you brought them before God behind your own closed doors and helped carry their burden as spiritual leaders in need of God’s guidance and support.

…If we saw the poor people on the streets as broken souls who needed help that only you can give.

And instead of passing them by without a second glance you took the time to give a smile, a shelter, a dollar, or a prayer.

What if we saw people the way Jesus did?

See… Jesus seems to always have it backwards.

He loved the people that others loved to gossip about.

He cared for the people that others would just ignore.

He accepted people that others looked down upon.

He forgave those people that others loved to point fingers at.

He gave love, comfort, security, hope to the least deserved.

And my question to you is this: can you do the same?

I’ve been praying about this a lot lately.

That I would see people the way that God sees them.

That I learn to bring them up to God before I ever bring them up in a conversation.

That I take the time to get to know them and love them before I choose to point fingers at them and judge them.

That I learn to support them and carry their burdens with them before I walk away and ignore them.

That I treat them the way Jesus would have treated them.

My challenge to you (and me) is this: don’t judge a person whose burdens you have not carried, whose challenges you haven’t faced, whose battles you haven’t fought, whose road you haven’t walked on.

Instead choose to see how God sees them.

Choose to love like God loves them.

Choose to live life differently.

Be blessed! -Anna… ♥ http://daughterbydesign.wordpress.com/

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