Protests Break Out After ‘Disabled, Unarmed’ Black Man Is Shot Dead By Police In NC

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Details of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, are in dispute as protests and clashes break out and police deploy tear gas. Officers say Scott aroused suspicion after being seen with a gun, but others claim all he had was a book.

At least 100 protesters in Charlotte, North Carolina clashed with police late Tuesday night following the deadly police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Tear gas has been deployed and SWAT teams formed after reports of protesters throwing bottles.

WCCB is reporting “several officers injured,” citing Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department. One reportedly has non-life threatening injuries.

A reporter from WBTV tweeted that 15 officers are reportedly hurt, all with non-life threatening injuries.

Hours following the deadly shooting of Scott, who police claim was armed with a gun, hundreds of protesters took to the streets. Relatives and witnesses are countering the police narrative, denying the allegations that Scott was armed. They say all he had was a book.

Keith Scott, 43, was killed Tuesday after police noticed him standing in front of an apartment complex they were going to enter to serve a warrant on someone else.

Scott’s brother told reporters that Scott was waiting for his son to get home from school when an officer jumped out of his vehicle without a uniform.

“He was an undercover, he just jumped out and yelled ‘gun’ and shot him,” he told WSOC.

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