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Push Made for Enforcement of Environmental Sabbath, Sunday

Push Made for Enforcement of Environmental Sabbath, Sunday

(Prophesy Again)One controversial issue of the day that is garnering a lot of attention is that of climate change. From politicians to entertainers, religious leaders, athletes and environmentally conscious individuals, the topic of climate change has been brought to the mainstream causing individuals, who otherwise would be indifferent, to show interest and even form opinions regarding climate change.

A lot of fear-mongering has been employed by advocates of taking action on climate change, painting global warming as the greatest threat facing humanity today and has even been called a sin by Pope Francis,1 who seems to presently be the greatest champion for saving and caring for the environment. Pope Francis in his encyclical, Laudato Si, and in speeches, has called climate change a man-made, moral problem thus necessitating a moral solution, that solution being mandatory Sunday observance for all people.2 Not only does Pope Francis allege that government-enforced Sunday observance would be the primary component to solve the issue of climate change, but he also asserts that it would greatly benefit the poor and improve family relations.

The idea of observing an environmental “Sabbath” and having the same enforced is nothing new, and is now being urged by Catholics and professed Protestants alike. To such men, that Sabbath is not the Sabbath sanctified and blessed by God at creation (Genesis 2:2 and 3) and enjoined upon all men to remember and honor (Exodus 20:8-11), the seventh-day Sabbath, but rather is Sunday, a creation of the Papacy. The Boston Pilot reports “An ecumenical [union of various “Christian” denominations] conference being held this month in Boston seeks to grapple with that problem [desecration of Sunday Sabbath]. Father Donald Conroy, of the Diocese of Greensburg, Pa. will be in Boston on Oct. 27 to speak on ‘Sabbath, Creation, and the Emerging Global Culture.’ His presentation will take place at 2:00 p.m., during the afternoon segment of the conference on ‘The Regenerative Sabbath: Sabbath, Sunday, and Renewal…’ Father Conroy founded the International Consortium on Religion and Ecology and served on the U.N. Advisory Committee on Environmental Sabbath/World Day of Rest…In his talk, Father Ryan will discuss the papal and Church documents on Sabbath/Sunday issues, and on how our use of time can honor all creation as gift. The erosion of the idea of the Sabbath has been an increasing concern for many faith groups, including the Catholic Church, in recent years.”3

Again, the observance of the “environmental Sabbath,” which is Sunday, is not only being urged to deal with the issue of preservation of the environment, but also it is associated with assisting the poor and less fortunate. The Salvation Army, a Christian organization devoted to charitable deeds for the less fortunate, is committed to what they call climate justice. In a piece written on its official website titled “A Call for Climate Justice” the following assertions are made: “The call to climate justice is deeply rooted in biblically based Christian convictions. The scriptures provide a wealth of reasons why Christ followers simply cannot ignore this crisis…What we, the church, can do. Keep the Sabbath: It could be the most radical thing a church can do for environmental stewardship—to commit to keeping the Sabbath. The scriptures make constant reference to rest and care for the land as well as for people on the Sabbath. Spending time with family and friends and enjoying the free outdoors is an act of resistance to the pressures of materialism and consumerism.”4 The Salvation Army leaves absolutely no ambiguity as to which day its members observe as the Sabbath, and that is Sunday. Consider the following also from the Salvation Army’s official website under the heading “positional statement: Sabbath observance:” “In its recognition of Sunday as the Sabbath, The Salvation Army aligns itself with the custom of the Early Christian Church, which chose that day on which to commemorate and celebrate Christ’s resurrection…Within this historical Christian context, The Salvation Army holds that Sunday is ‘a day of sacred assembly’ for corporate worship, praise and prayer, to enrich the lives of believers and strengthen their fellowship one with another and with God. It is also an opportunity for the gathering of families, friends and worshipping congregations…Keeping Sunday holy does not only entail the cessation of secular work for the purpose of honouring God, but also may include performing deeds of love and kindness toward fellow human beings…Observing Sunday as a day of rest is an evidence of our obedience to, and reverence for, God the Creator…Salvationists will exert every influence possible to make and keep Sunday as a day of worship, rest and family. The Salvation Army also encourages all people to consider how they can promote a weekly day of rest and renewal for others.”5

What further evidence is needed to confirm that environmental issues, specifically climate change, is the catalyst that will bring upon the inhabitants of the earth a Sunday law, an oppressive law that restricts civil and religious liberties? That time is not at all far-distant, especially considering the unprecedented ratification of the Paris climate agreement, which is the first-ever legally binding global climate deal. Those who value their liberty of conscience need to understand that their consent to the political and legal actions and steps being taken to supposedly combat climate change is an agreement to strictly enforced Sunday-observance. They must also see that the advocacy for caring for the environment is merely a means to achieving a one-world government and religion headed by the Vatican.

“While men are sleeping…the Sunday movement is now making its way in darkness. The leaders are concealing the true issue, and many who unite in the movement do not themselves see whither the undercurrent is tending. Its professions are mild and apparently Christian, but when it shall speak it will reveal the spirit of the dragon. It is our duty to do all in our power to avert the threatened danger…We should bring before them the real question at issue, thus interposing the most effectual protest against measures to restrict liberty of conscience.”6

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