Reaching point of no return

1 min

I don’t know how many of us appreciate the dire situation the Israelites were in. After a battle some night they are freed to go leaving behind a trail of mourning. all Egyptian first born dead. They then reach a point of no return. A head is a vast sea. No boats no ship no swimming. Crossing it was a virtual impossibility. Theoretically and practically you cant make hundreds of thousand of men women children animals cross such a thing. Now they could not turn back as their host turned enemy was up in fury and host pursuit. the entire army is coming. the other problem is that Israelites were not soldiers. No one had that training as they had spent their captivity in hard labor. There is one part they forgot to look though…..up. They blamed Moses saying he brought them there to die. But no…God brought them there to make a statement. I love you and of you I will make a whole nation as promised.  This is a great lesson for us today. That the Israelites had just witnessed the power of God. His love and desire to have them leave Egypt yet at that point in time, they seemed to have forgotten all that. No one remembered the God of Abraham and Isaac who had promised redemption to them. They forgot to look up. How many times do we get caught up in difficult situations. most specific are temptations. Behind us is the devil in pursuit of our lives. A head of us are all manners of challenges addictions and trials. How many times do people post here how they hate life? How easy shall it be I such situations when we instead look upon God? Pray with me Dear Jesus you brought us thus far. Thank you. Not that we deserve it or are better but because you love us and has destined us for greatness. this morning we ask for your forgiveness for the countless times we forget to be in gratitude of your tender care love and mercy and humbly pray that God you turn us around. Take away our pride and shame and humble as in you glory to ever remember to look up like Moses. bless us this day in Jesus name. Type AMEN and share

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