Relief at last, I proclaim comfort in the Lord

1 min

Stranded we are as our hearts ache
Toiling, struggling through this turmoil our joints ache
Our tears roll cursing the land
Wiping off the dust from our feet
Bidding bye to the master of the day as the dark blanket approaches

We hurl we cuddle sticking together to share the warmth
Though with grumbling stomachs as we lay for a rest
Only a gush of the wind could be heard in the serene night
Resting on our backs we count the twinkling lights

A sigh of relief; this will only take a while
Before our cursed land could be washed in torrents of life
That which will calm the dust and bring forth to the earthly producers
That which; will quench our thirst and hunger
Slowly; we drift to slumber

Woken up by the coos, raucous fusses and chirping
A promising day approaching as we stretch our bodies and yawn
Finally our prayers are answered
As the sun rises mightily, a cloud could be seen high up in the sky
Then they added to a multitude
We sat under the mugumo tree waiting anxiously
A drop that will make life worth

most times our lives get cornered
no light
but shelter at the darkest end
pains and fears become our heartfelt friends
“Struggle” sound dubious to us for its sense loses us all
We blame God for what is happening in our lives and forget how a merciful and caring Father he is
Embracing the pains and hitches difficult to stomach
yes “go down on your knees”
there’s an answer

Remember in every jail of life there is always a space for air passage; similarly in every pains there’s comfort somewhere. There’s always relief in every genuine struggle.


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