Retired Vicar, 79, Left Homeless After Buying Husband, 24, Flat Only To Split Days Later

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A retired vicar has been left homeless after buying a new flat for him and his husband only for the pair to split up shortly after.

Seventy-nine-year-old Philip Clements married Romanian male model Florin Marin after they met on a dating site. Clements then sold his home in Kent so he could buy a £88,800 (€100,000) flat in Bucharest for his new husband and he to live in.

However, the pair ended up deciding to call it quits, leaving Clements with no where to live and strapped for cash.

The flat in Romania was originally in his name, but Clements put it into Marin’s name because he ‘wanted him to have security’ when he died. Shortly after this the couple split.

Clements has been back in the UK since September but is now relying on his friends to put him up. Read full report from The Lad Bible

Vicar as a word has slightly different meanings in various parts of the Anglican world.  In England, a vicar is a salaried parish priest.  In the U.S.A., a vicar is a priest who is responsible either for a “mission” or for an institutional chapel (a “mission” is a congregation that is either recently founded, or is not capable of being financially self-sustaining; a “chapel” is a place of worship in a hospital, or an airport, or a government building).  In many places the word “vicar” can be used for a priest who is acting in behalf of a senior official who is not present (similar to the English word, “vicarious”).

The Pope claims to be the vicar of Christ, to mean the official representative of Christ on earth.

Sad that a retired vicar chooses to enter a gay union.

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