WHAT IF I AM RIGHT… …and you are wrong on the Sabbath?

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Let’s examine something closely regarding the controversy between Sabbath (Saturday) and Sunday. I have a friend who is a staunch believer the Sabbath is not obligatory and Sunday is the day of worship. Well, in fact, I have many friends who are under this impression, so, let’s determine the consequences of this concern.

Let’s say, for evaluation, Sunday believers are correct and I’m wrong, what would be the consequences? Well, for one, they believe “grace” would erase my fault, since there is no particular day to worship God, and it can be done on any day, but congregational worship just so happens on Sunday. So, there would be no penalty for keeping the true Sabbath verses the false Sabbath because God looks upon the heart. In other words, I am not in danger of losing my soul salvation simply because I choose to worship on Sabbath and not Sunday. Let’s make this clearer. In their thinking, “all” days are holy therefore I would not fall under condemnation.

Now, let’s view it from the standpoint I am right and they are wrong. What would be the consequences? There will come a time when all Sunday worshipers, those who hold their congregational worship services on Sunday (Mark of the Beast), who do not keep the seventh day Sabbath will be found guilty of breaking God’s Law, the Ten Commandments, which the Fourth indicates God’s preference regarding congregational worship and what establishes the, not “a”, but “the” Sabbath of God, and “the” day which ONLY is holy. The penalty IS the loss of one’s soul salvation. There will be no grace given because it will be the final test of man’s loyalty either to God or to man.

You’ve heard the old saying, “If I were a gambling man…” well, I was one at one time or other, and I can tell you this: based on the odds, it seems my position would be best. Wouldn’t you agree? From both perspectives, I cannot lose, but those of you who hold the “false” sabbath, Sunday, which is not of God, but from the customs and traditions of man, can and will lose because while you may not be particular, “our”, and I say it again, “OUR” God IS particular. Ask Moses about his missing out on getting into the Promised Land for the infraction of “hitting” a rock instead of “speaking” to it.

So, now, I am speaking to you, so why are you so determined to hit your head against the rock? Any wonder why God’s Law, the Ten Commandments were written in stone. Rock doesn’t change, nor does God’s Law!

March 8, 2016 Roy Martin

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