The Romanian Model Who Split With 79-Year-Old Vicar Has Found Love With ‘Jesus’

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You may have heard the unfortunate tale of the 79-year-old retired vicar who married a 24-year-old Romanian model Florin Marin after meeting on a dating site.

It’s unfortunate because the vicar, Philip Clements, sold his home in Kent so he could buy a £88,800 (€100,000) flat in Bucharest for his new husband and he to live in – only for them to break up days later, leaving him with nowhere to live and strapped for cash.

But Marin doesn’t seem too miffed – in fact, he’s apparently already moved on, saying he’snow found love with a wealthy Spanish businessman called Jesus de Vega. And the age gap is slightly smaller this time, as Jesus is 48.

Marin told Romanian media: “He wrote me on Facebook after learning that I had separated from Philip and told me he wanted to know me.

“I told him to buy the plane tickets, that I was not just going to get my money. He waited at the airport with white roses, I was pleasantly surprised.

“After that, we went to a gay club in Alicante, drank tonic and went to his home and slept together.”

Marin also said that he and de Vega will be spending New Year together on a romantic cruise. Read full story here

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