Is Russia Considering Ban On Adventists?

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In the wake of the Russian ban on the Jehovah’s Witness Church, there have been disconnected rumors flying around about Russia now considering a ban on Seventh-day Adventist Churches.

One such site is the ‘news’ site.  They are reporting that Moscow is considering a ban against the Adventist Church, as a result of a 12 million signature petition to do so.

When the story first appeared, it went viral on social media and within days several other ‘blogs’ picked up the first story and from their, you probably bumped into the story as well.

There are no links to this ‘petition’ and no way to verify it at this time.  The site quotes an individual names Ekaterina as saying “Russia takes cases of Extremism and Terrorism very serious and a ban is expected to be placed on the Adventists in May, 2017.”

No major media houses have picked up the story. Now, let’s compare that with when Jehovah’s witnesses ban on Google.

Another trick to search for authentic news is by clicking the “News tab” on Google.  The initial image above was the ‘General Google Search’ on anything about Adventist Ban in Russia. Now, let’s ask Google to specifically search for any reported news about an Adventist ban in Russia.


At the moment, there is no report of any legislation to ban the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Russia.

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