Russia tells citizens to ‘prepare for nuclear war with West’

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Russia has warned citizens that a nuclear war with the West could be imminent – sparked by clashes in the Middle East.

Zvezda, a nationwide TV service run by the country’s Ministry of Defence, said last week, ‘Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow.’

Officials said on Friday that underground shelters had been built which could house 12 milion people – enough for the entire population of Moscow.

Russia has clashed with the Western over the war in Syria. While the US claims to be fighting against ISIS, it has been proven to be in fact supporting the terrorist group. Obama and Clinton, it has been proven both funded and armed the faction groups that led to ISIS.

Recently, US coalitions bombed Syrian military positions killing at least 70 soldiers moments before ISIS militants attacked the same position forcing the Syrian military to retreat.

The US has on it’s side claimed that Russia is bombing civilians and wants Russia out of Syria. Problem is, the Syrian population have a democratically elected government, a government committed to fighting terrorism and ISIS, and this government wants the support of Russia to fight terrorism. Simply put, Syria has invited Russia not the US.

While Obama and government pretend to be fighting ISIS, they are actually supporting them to overthrow the Syrian government, just like Libya, Irag, Afghanistan and the story goes on. Here is what you need to know, the US is not about to stop the war in Syria. This war is backed up with the likes of George Soros who has recently ‘donated’ 500 million dollars to support the ‘refugee’ crisis.

In other words, he is paying to have ‘more’ refugees which only means more wars to have these people running to the west. More wars, mores guns, more bombs, more weapons manufactured, billions of dollars in profits.

But the larger scare is that it’s not just about the guns, it’s about using the refugee crisis to break Western Civilization. Look at all those supporting the Refugee crisis. George Soros, Obama, Merkel, Pope Francis. They are not asking the US to leave Syria to for once to start fighting the real terrorists, they are asking Western Nations to ‘accept’ more refugees.

Everyone knows the solution, get the US off Syria, but everyone wants the opposite, get Russia off Syria so that more wars can happen, the government can fall and hey…the US can get oil, more weapons sales and of course, enough refugees to have the Western Nations scared. Then, a World Government would not be such a bad idea.

Russia is not likely to play kumbaya to the US script. Dear friend, are you keeping Jesus close to you?

The world is filling you with lies. All the movies, music, Facebook, Twitter, all these stuff is sort of to keep you in a ‘we are cool, everything is cool’ kind of state then before you know it, it’s over. Jesus said He is coming like a thief, at the least expected time.

This is the time to hold Christ close. Imagine Christ said it would be better to enter Heaven minus an eye that causes you to sin. A lot is happening and fast…please keep Jesus close. Pray all the time, seek His Holy Spirit to guide you to understand what is happening, to prepare you but above all things, to give you strength to stand strong, you need it.

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