Russian Church Says ‘End Of History’ Is Near – World Should Unite

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The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church said Monday the world is on the brink of slipping into “the abyss of the end of history,” according to a state-run news agency. The apocalypse “is already visible to the naked eye,” Patriarch Kirill told congregants after a service at the Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, reported RIA Novosti.

He said there could be a saving grace for the world—society uniting. “Today is not the time to rock the boat of human passions. Today is the time to rally all healthy forces,” Kirill said. “That’s why the church, art, culture, our writers, scientists—all those people who love the Motherland—should come together because we are entering a critical period in human civilization.”

Kirill’s call comes at a time when world unity seems far-fetched.

North Korea continues to threaten the U.S. with the prospect of launching a nuclear missile. Terrorist attacks have occurred abroad and last month in New York City, with the Islamic State group in many instances claiming responsibility. And Russian bots relentlessly spread fake news on social media, influencing the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election and prompting the FBI to investigate possible collusion between the campaign of President Donald Trump and Moscow.

On the other hand the possibility of an emerging uniting force is becoming even more real. With the US now sort of abdjucating her role as world leader with Trump’s poor ratings, another world leader is cropping up.

Climate Change has become the center stage of world top leadership converations with more than 190 countries signing up so far. But within that group, the Pope has positioned himself as the next leader.  In case you wondering, Trump hates Climate Change.

This is when the Pope has publicly called for the saving of the world, even creating beatitudes on climate change. He has called on setting aside Sunday as a day of letting the world rest and heal.

Sometime back, an article was ran, if Trump fails to lead, the Pope will. As Trump poorly handles the North Korea crisis with the public tweet spat, the Pope is actually gaining more interest with more articles coming up.

Pope Francis (L) and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill hug each other after signing agreements in Havana, February 12, 2016. REUTERS/Alejandro Ernesto/Pool

In case you wondering how this is relevant, Pope Francis and Russia’s Krill already read from the same script. They read a joint declaration to a new world order.

In the new world order they signed, of course they both recognize each other’s faiths, as long as ‘we worship the same God‘ according to Pope Francis, no reason not to work together. So between the two Popes, (Kiriil is sort of the Russian Pope), the one with a world following is of course the leader.

Pope Francis is the most-followed world leader on Twitter (External Link).

Can you see the new world order taking shape?


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