Russian cyber attacks coming for phone, computer and internet

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Vladimir Putin, the bear-riding Bond villain, is listening into your inane conversations about picking up milk from the shop or who is shagging who in the office… or so the mainstream media would have you believe.  According to sections of the British press – who, let’s be honest, don’t often get carried away like this – are insistent that Russia is about to launch a full-scale cyber attack on the United Kingdom… or they already have, depending on who you ask.

And all because the UK, USA and France launched a missile attack against the Syrian Bashar Assad regime. If you ask the Express, “Russia is ‘SPYING’ on THOUSANDS of UK households in ‘RETALIATION to Syria strikes.” Apparently, your home could become a part of a Russian “botnet,” used to launch large-scale cyberattacks. No explanation was provided as to what a botnet is though… but when you’re whipping the British population into a fearful frenzy, who has time to explain?

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