The Sabbath, Man and Woman

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I shared with you how the “Sabbath” was made for “Man” according to the Bible and this at Creation. Paul gives a corresponding text in 1 Cor. 11:9: “Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (KJV) Now, by reading this verse, it is evident THIS took place at Creation, on the sixth day, and not any time later. On the seventh day, God rested and, listen to this because it may cause some to consider something they’ve not known or realized before, but AFTER God rested on the Sabbath (Saturday), on the first day (Sunday) God stated that the Sabbath day (Saturday) upon which He HAD rested was set apart or sanctified. Gen. 2:2 & 3.

Therefore, God did first to set the example, for man, each and every succeeded Sabbath day would be kept holy, because God made it holy. God did it first, THEN man followed. Is it man’s day? Of course not. It’s “God’s Day” and He gave it to man to do what He Himself had done. So, show me where in the Bible God decided to begin resting on the first day (Sunday). You see, again, it is not something man did on his own initiative, therefore,, man cannot on his own initiative do anything and THINK God will give it credibility when he goes totally against what God established.

QUESTION: If God sanctified Saturday (Sabbath), and this is only what He could do, when did He sanctify Sunday (the first day of the week)? Once something is set apart for “holy” use, is there ever a time when it is no longer holy? Show me one example in Scripture. There is none. Two institutions came from Paradise, (Garden of Eden) the joining of Man and Woman (marriage) and the Sabbath, which they kept with God, since the Sabbath was “given” to man (Adam), not Moses.

Consequently, looking at the big picture, what would Satan attack and you have to admit it is quite evident: (1) He’s attacking marriage with all the divorces never mind the, and I’m going to SHOUT IT OUT, all this GAY MARRIAGE stuff. This is a direct attack against God’s design for man, and (2) The Sabbath, evident by how most Christians are disposed to worshiping on Sunday, the first day of the week, believing in the lie it is the “Lord’s Day”! Satan knows and now you should realize, too, by attacking these two foundations which came from Paradise, is an attempt to keep us from ever enjoying Paradise, since He got kicked out of Paradise, too.

Don’t, and I say it again, “DON’T” be victimized by him. Ask the other angels who got kicked out with him, how’s that working out for them!

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