What is Satan’s Counterfeit for the Godhead?

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Satan is the great deceiver and his greatest tool is deception. So Satan has counterfeited all things of God to take people away from the truth and lead them into false worship thinking it is from God when it is from Satan.

For example. God has true prophets while Satan has false prophets. (2 Peter 2:1, Matthew 24:24, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15) God has true teachers while Satan has false teachers. Jesus is the light of the world and Satan appears as an angel of light. God has true apostles and Satan has false apostles. God gives the true gift of speaking in tongues which is known languages while Satan has false tongues that you do not understand and false interpretations that you have no way of verifying. God has a special day of rest and worship which is a sign that it is God we worship, and Satan instituted a counterfeit day that came from sun and Satan worship. And of course there is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. But what is Satan’s counterfeit? The Trinity doctrine also came from sun and Satan worship and the number 666!

So which is the counterfeit? The view which acknowledges there is a real Father and Son just as the Bible literally tells us over a hundred times, or the three in one God they call a mystery which says they are not a real Father and Son and are just role playing which the Bible never even hints of.

How many stop to think that Satan would create a doctrine that would destroy the personality of the Father and Son? And would that doctrine make sense or be nonsense coming from our adversary? God is not the author of confusion and mystery doctrines, Satan is. And not forgetting the implications of the Holy Spirit. If you get this wrong you could inadvertently give your adoration to Satan, or even worse, your worship to Satan! This is the worst counterfeit of all that affects the true worship of God and His Son.

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