Saudi Arabia’s freak snow storm produces 15 inch drifts covering Sahara Desert

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A rare snowstorm has swept into the Saudi Arabian desert turning the sand white as the Middle East is hit by a freak Polar blast. Incredible photos show the Tabuk region in the north-west, known for its blazing heat, covered in a blanket of snow as temperatures plummeted below freezing.  Hundreds of excited locals have been pictured playing in the snow, while many opted to go sledding down the sides of the hills, as they wasted no time in enjoying it before it melted away.

Other bizarre pictures even show camels with their humps covered in snow, while near-deserted landscapes have been left covered in flakes. The freak weather is totally unexpected with temperatures normally hitting around 20C – traditionally the cold season in the Arab country. In Tabuk, forecasters said temperatures had dipped to -2C.

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