School Bus Driver Pulled Off Job for Praying With Students

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A Minnesota school bus driver who is also the pastor of a church has been taken off his route because he was leading students in prayer while driving.

George Nathaniel, a 54-year-old bus driver of a Brooklyn Park charter school who’s also reportedly a pastor of a Minneapolis church, hasn’t been fired but his employer, Quality Care Transportation, hasn’t given him a new route, according to Star Tribune.

Four years ago Nathaniel was expelled from his job driving Burnsville students to school for the same reason.

Nathaniel says it’s his constitutional right to speak and practice his faith. “You’ve got the freedom to exercise your religious beliefs,” he was quoted as saying.

His employer told the Tribune that the school officials had received complaints that he “was influencing minors to the point where he was forcing them to pray.”

The majority of the students in his bus were Russian and Christian.

Nathaniel said, “The students would volunteer to lead the prayer.”

Secular and atheist groups claim that public prayer or other expressions of faith are against separation of church and state. Christian Post.

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