School Forced to Teach Transgender Agenda to Students

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A Minnesota Carter school is adopting a far-reaching inclusion policy after facing a lawsuit over its treatment of a kindergarten student who identifies as transgender.

In an effort to end a 16-month legal battle, Nova Classical Academy agreed to a settlement with the child’s parents.

The school agreed to make minor changes and revisions to its gender inclusion policy, which was implemented in May of 2016.

In a statement to CBN News Nova’s Spokesperson clarrified that “parents do maintain the right to review and opt-out of curriculum,” despite previous reports that this would not be allowed.

Along with the policy change, the school will pay the child’s parents $120,000.

In 2016 David and Hannah Edwards filed a complaint against the school, claiming it “failed to protect their child and other gender non-conforming and transgender students at Nova from persistent gender-based bullying and hostility.”

Additionally, they claimed the school “denied their child the ability to undergo a gender transition at Nova in a safe and timely way.”

Advocacy group, Gender Justice, represented the family’s case–filing a two-count, civil discrimination lawsuit which demanded policy and training changes. Full Report CBN News

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