Scientists create Terminator-style robot with self-healing ‘flesh’

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THE human-like abilities of robots continue to develop at incredible pace – with droids now being seen to chase targets and even fire guns.

But now scientists have taken the potential for human-like resemblance to the next level with the creation of an artificial self-healing “skin”.

Scientists at the Brije Universiteit Brussel have managed to give robots self-healing properties which allow them to “recover” even if they are stabbed or gashed with a knife.

The development evokes vsisions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the cyborg assassin in the Terminator movies, but fortunately for humankind, these self-healing robots aren’t likely to go on a rampage anytime soon.

For now, they’re more likely to be found grabbing fruit, veg and soft products on factory floors.

They could also play an important role in creating human-like prosthetics. Full report

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