Sea Level Is Now Rising At Fastest Rate In Nearly 3,000 Years

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Sea level rise is one of the most worrisome and visible ramifications of global warming. New research published on Monday shows the startling present-day impacts of global warming-related sea level rise. It also demonstrates the potential for the situation to get much, much worse if emissions of global warming pollutants are not curtailed.

The new research sheds light on just how unusual modern-day sea level rise is, and how climate change is sending the sea lapping up and over our walls and onto shoreline roads, homes and businesses.

The first major report published Monday shows that human-caused climate change has prompted the fastest rate of sea level rise than any in at least the past 2,800 years.

Even greater water rises are slated for the future as mountain glaciers and polar ice caps melt and ocean waters continue to heat up and expand. READ MORE

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