Secret Service Issue Warning To Pope, Your Life In Danger Coming To US

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Members of the president’s Secret Service detail have confided concern that they cannot adequately protect Pope Francis in the United States under current plans that include allowing the pope to ride through crowds next week in Washington and New York in an open vehicle.

The agents’ concerns about the Sept. 22-27 papal visit are compounded, they say, by an ongoing environment in which politically correct management decisions compromise the elite recruitment and excellence for which the Secret Service was distinguished when it was managed by the Department of Treasury.

The Secret Service is now under the Transportation Security Administration, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security.

Several Secret Service agents currently assigned to papal security for the upcoming visit are seeking to transfer to other federal government agencies, because discipline and morale has deteriorated to dangerous levels under current TSA management. “Secret Service are fleeing in droves seeking security positions in other government agencies,” one Secret Service source for this article told WND on condition of anonymity. Read More

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