Self Proclaimed “Prophet” Dr. Owuor fails to ‘perform’ miracles in Nigeria

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Controversial self proclaimed prophet of the Lord Dr. Owuor was left embarrassed when he was unable to perform any miracles while in Nigeria.

A Nigerian website, ThisDayLive.Com, has reported how on arrival at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Dr Owuor was overzealously approached by believers and non-believers for miracles but none has was forthcoming.

At the airport, he was accosted by security men for prayers which he gladly obliged and placed his hand on their heads only to mutter, “God bless you.”

Bizarrely, the man of God declined to “bless” another man who had a rosary until he removed the annoying religious symbol.

Dr. Owuor, a Kenyan, vacated his career years ago after claiming he had been ‘called’ by God for the ministry. He has been to many countries around the world and has made many alleged prophecies which have failed to happen in the he predicted.

The most recent was that he had seen a post election violence far worse in Kenyan’s General Elections of 2013, something that did not happen.

His ministry thrives on the miracles as they are broadcast and shared widely though speculations have been rife that the miracles are stage managed or faked. Again in Kenya, five people lost their lives while trying to get to the dais for miracles and failed.

This does not stop the reverence he is given with his congregation literally washing the roads with water when expecting him.

It is unclear why his miracles did not work in Nigeria. He only attracted a handful of people in Lagos. One meeting at a car park attracted a paltry 400 people. In Kenya, his meetings are attended by thousands of people.

His last meeting was marked by near fatal accident when a floodlight mast fell on a small boy during a rain storm. He was persuaded to get into as rain poured heavily on the small crowd of singing believers. It was a tough tour for the heavily bearded nuclear scientist.

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