Self Proclaimed Prophet Says Malawi Full Of Evil Spirits

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Leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has described Malawi as a country full of evil spirits.

Bushiri was responding to individuals who question the source of his wealth and say that he might have been having “blood money” through his investments. Speaking to a local media outlet, Bushiri said Malawians are possessed with an evil spirit of “Jealousy” and this makes most people not to have success.

The prophet also insisted that he did not use church offerings for his personal investments in various African countries. He however did not list names of the companies he has invested in, either in South Africa or Saudi Arabia, neither did he outline how much he paid in dividends or show evidence of the total tax he paid in the two countries.

“In Malawi we have a problem, when someone is succeeding in life we try to pull that person, I think that’s an evil spirit of jealousy and we need deliverance,” said Bushiri. Bushiri further urged his followers to stand strong against the critics levelled at him and his church through social media. “I know a lot of people hate me but others love me, because they believe in whatever I do, to me I understand a miracle not everyone can understand if they lack faith,” said Bushiri.

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