Senior Anglicans Launch Bid To Find ‘Middle Way’ Over Homosexuality

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Senior Anglican figures have launched a new bid to unite the Church of England over divisive issues such as gay marriage.

ViaMedia.News is a blog edited by LGBT activist Jayne Ozanne and will publish weekly articles from senior Church figures in an “attempt to bridge the divides that separates many in the Church”.

“ViaMedia.News aims to bring the historic Anglican perspective of the ‘Via Media’ [the Middle Way] to debates that are current in the Church of England” a statement officially launching the website read.

The statement said writers would avoid “divisive positions” and will “bring a unique perspective to areas of controversy”.

Ozanne told Christian Today the site is “an important new initiative in the life of the Church of England as it looks to provide insightful weekly articles that bridge divides on issues that are affecting our world, our nation and our Church”. READ MORE

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