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Senior Pastor Greenlake SDA Church Says Portions Of The Bible Should Be Rejected To Accommodate LGBTQ

Senior Pastor Greenlake SDA Church Says Portions Of The Bible Should Be Rejected To Accommodate LGBTQ

I’m sad today.  And disgusted.  And indignant (Ezekiel 9:4).

Two Sabbaths ago, John McLarty, pastor of the Green Lake Church in Seattle, preached a sermon titled “What to do with real people.”

Before the sermon, he interviewed the producer of  the “Seventh-gay Adventist” movie, to set the stage for a sermon dedicated to acceptance of LGBTQ in the Bride of Christ.

That the sermon deals with the topic of homosexuality, and advocates for full acceptance of homosexuals in the church is not terribly surprising, giving the trajectory of licentious liberal Adventism.  These progressives—having had their say in ordaining women—have moved on to the next low-hanging fruit on the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  What is most startling is the easy way in which John McLarty dismisses the Bible as a reliable source of truth on these matters.  In this sermon he fulfills a prophecy that I made in 2012–that if progressives get their way on WO, they will quickly adopt the role of editors of the rest of the Bible, carving it up to suit their modern worldview, and their lower desires.

You know that the Word of God is plain on the matter of homosexuality, because you have either read it or had it quoted to you (I’m sure you have read it).  To get past these plain texts, McLarty launches into two stories that prove–to him–that the Bible is more of a collection of ancient words than a reliable guide to sexuality.  He uses the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15, and the story of Namaan being healed of leprosy to demonstrate–and I quote–that “It is time for us as a denomination to let go of the ancient texts that we have used to exclude people that God has clearly included.”  More quotes:

“If we are going to be faithful to God, there are times when we must push back against the ancient words.”

“Sometimes, the law needs to be bent to accommodate reality.  Jesus and the apostles showed a similar flexibility (Mt. 5: 38-39, Mark 7:19, John 8, Acts 15:10).  Laws, even ancient biblical laws that had been regarded as eternal, were not the last word.  The holy ones—prophets, Messiah, apostles—adapted and bent laws as necessary to provide care.  Human well-being was a higher virtue, a more trustworthy guide than even the plain reading of Scripture.  The most reliable test of religious claims is the question: How does this impact people, especially those who are less privileged than I am?”

“Of course, this is almost the exact same case with the role of women in the church. And one of our goals with the film is that homosexuality can be much like women’s ordination: we don’t all agree and we interpret the Genesis stories and Pauline writings a bit differently at times, but we still agree to stay in fellowship with each other while we keep dialoging. Nobody is going to disfellowship me because I advocate for women’s ordination” (Daneen Akers, ‘Who Cares?’ Newsletter).

From the church website, his short profile

Pastor John McLarty came to Green Lake Church after pastorates in Washington, Ohio, and New York. For ten years he served as editor ofAdventist Today. His articles have also appeared in The Adventist Review, Ministry, and Signs of the Times. His books include Stand at the Crossand Adventist Spirituality for Thinkers and Seekers.  

In the process of earning a bachelor’s degree, Pastor McLarty attended Southern Adventist University, Middle East College in Beirut, University of Memphis, and Pacific Union College. He received a Master of Divinity Degree from Andrews University.

John is married to Karin Lundstrom McLarty. Karin is a labor and delivery nurse. They have three children. Karin’s principal hobby is horses. John’s favorite hobbies are hiking and watercolor painting.


  • At the root of this LGBTQ movement is a perverted gospel.  It is all based on the lie that we cannot have victory over sin.  And there is more.
  • The LGBTQ movement shares an ontological infrastructure with feminist theology (WO).  They are undeniably joined.
  • As the Word of God prepares to guide the good ship Remnant through the (LGBTQ) super-current, the Word of God will be thrown overboard by ministerial mutineers in the church.  We respectfully urge President Douglas Bing of the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists to terminate Pastor John McLarty, as a faithful surgeon cuts away a cancer.

I close with this excerpt from John McLarty’s 3-11-2017 sermon “Faithfulness to God does not always mean obedience to His Word.” 

Sad?  Disgusted?  I need a stronger word.  Maybe you can help me find one.




“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them” (Isaiah 8:20).


  1. SDA is not immune to this kind of compromise, “even the very elect will be deceived.” Only he (anyone) who stands firm keeping the commandments and having the faith of Jesus will be saved.