Sex Slave Survivor Raped by 12 Men: What ISIS Did to Us Can’t Be Mentioned

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A young Yazidi woman, who has been testifying before the world of her brutal treatment at the hands of the Islamic State terror group, said she was raped by 12 radicals in total, but noted that parts of the ordeal are so painful they can’t even be talked about.

Nadia Murad was captured by the Islamic terror group in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014, and though now she is free after managing to escape the clutches of IS, she has been recounting the horrific treatment that she and thousands of other women and girls have been subjected to.

“We didn’t feel valued as humans in their hands,” Murad told STV News.

“They enslaved more than 6,500 females they took them to different places. They did what they want to the women and my fate was the same. I was one of the victims and they did everything to us.”

The Yazidi woman explained that the radicals took any girl over nine years old, enslaving them, abusing them, and forcing them to change their religion.

“We were subjected to crimes to their hands that nobody can mention what they did for us,” she said.

Murad added that during her captivity she was kept for two months in a house with a man and his family, where she was violated by more than a dozen men.

“All ISIS members have the same behavior and they were dealing with us at the same level but this one who took me told me he was a very, very bad man,” she said.

“I was subjected to many bad things. In total 12 men raped me,” she continued. “The last man who bought me said he would take me to someone from Syria. He went to buy clothes for me and there were no guards in front of his house; he told me to prepare because he was going to rape me.”

Murad was able to escape through the help of human rights workers and a fake I.D., eventually making her way to Germany, where she has been able to begin a new life. Full Report

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