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Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation
Sexual orientation
Man is and shall always remain one of God’s special creations. We possess several traits that remain gifts that God felt it worth that we possess, though some came as a result of ambition and deception, we still remain God’s special.

One of the few distinctions that we have is the ability to trust. Yes animals trust, yes they love, nut our level of trust is backed by knowledge of the: who, how, when, kinda theory, meaning we can more fully appreciate trust than other animals. This plus several others put us at an authoritative level towards animals meaning we can dictate their life, and they shall trust our direction for their safety, and well being.

But the biggest of all is our brain capacity. Something that’s backed up by the curse Eve brought upon humanity…the ability to know good and evil. This aspect of our life is what makes humanity have a system of courts while animals don’t. Not that they can’t think, but they can’t distinguish right or wrong, and that’s why a dog will eat its own sibling without worry.

The same over the ages has evolved both positively-and I must say tremendously-and negatively-again tremendously. From days where donkeys and horses were main means of transport, now we fly. From writing on scrolls to dictating a phone to write what you want. From twisting sticks all day to make a fire, we now use a remote to start one.  From exchanging one commodity for the other, we now just type our credit numbers and order anything.

What about animals? They still run miles chasing one another for food….if they had the ability maybe with animal-animal rights activists maybe they’d do genetically modified animals for food to stop the massacre of herbivores’? Maybe monkeys would have constructed castles on trees instead of hoping from one to the other. Maybe ants would be contesting to construct the tallest anthill in the world. Maybe cows will be taxing humanity for the milk…needless to say their slaughter will be prohibited punishable to death-of course with the animal ICC. By now they’d have their own justice system, factories, transport e.t.c.

Over the years animals have even, without means of a mediator made peace taking example of dogs and cats. I’d want to include rats and cats but am still addicted to Tom and Jerry and the two will kiss and fight in equal measure. Some-again dogs and cats-have intermarried just like humanity….which makes me tend to think, maybe, if they were like us, lions would kiss zebras….hmmmm…wow.

But what I’d have expected has never happened. Animals, with their limited mental capacity, their inability to judge right or wrong, their existence in the dark (at night), have never, even for once stumbled upon the idea of gay relations. That some (unlike chicken) will never lie (read sexual intercourse) with their parents. That the said animals in their native homes (am omitting instances where by virtue of us breading them, we make them have carnal knowledge of their “relatives”), can never lie with their offspring. Some like leopards are known to send their offspring to far areas to start their “families”.

Even dogs (to which men are equated) are far better in their natural homes. That during their ovulation, female dogs omits a “scent” that shall stretch kilometers away and “prospective” male dogs shall be attracted by it. A battle will ensue in which neighboring dogs are normally defeated and chased (system I’d want to assume God used so that “relatives” are excluded from that). But our taming in cages of dogs makes them violate their very own moral rights.

But in all the confusion, the lack of knowledge, their ignorance, poor planning, lack of judicial systems (though punishment does exist within the animal family) they have never tried gay relations. It’s sickening that humanity has even introduced animals to the worst of sexual crimes-the sex between man and beast. Read part 2.