Shake off Your Problems, Step On Them And Get Up

1 min


A man’s favourite donkey fell into a deep precipice;

He couldn’t pull it out no matter how hard he tried;

He therefore decides to bury it alive because the donkey was sure to die.

He started to shovel the soil in from above onto the donkey.

The donkey feels the load of soil as it lands on him, shakes it off, and steps on top of it;

More soil is shovelled by the man onto the donkey from above..

Each time the donkey shakes it off and steps up;

The more the soul was shovelled, the higher the donkey rose;

By noon, the donkey was grazing in green pastures.


What can you learn from this? After shaking off (your problems), and stepping up (learning from them), you will graze in Green Pastures.

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