Shock as fake Prophet Kanyari is celebrated on Kenya TV show Churchill

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It may have sounded as a joke but literally more of a shame as Prophet Kanyari the man who was busted for faking miracles and prophecies was celebrated on one of Kenya’s most popular shows.

What may have been an evening of fun, Christians were all over the country shocked at the audacity of this man who even dared that ‘if he did anything criminal he would have been arrested’.

This man in other words stole in the name of God and publicly stood before people and dared them that hey…where is the crime?

Christians, Muslims and Kenyans at large took to social media to condemn what they termed irresponsible and outright evil in trying to make something so wrong to look so ‘angelic and fun’.

It is a shame that indeed after what he did, no legal action has been taken and Kanyari still walks around bragging on the plant a seed fame.

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