Shock as SDA mother and daughter caught night-running

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Villagers in Keroka, Kisii County were shell-shocked a fortnight ago after they caught a wife and daughter to a pastor dancing naked in the dead of the night at a school compound. The daughter, only identified as Kwamboka, was a new student at the school. She had been expelled from another school, after she was busted engaging in witchcraft-related activities in a dormitory — at night.

Kwamboka, a Form Four student, had joined a day school near her village to wind up her studies. Allegedly, witchcraft runs in her family and her parents had ‘recruited’ her as an apprentice.
On this particular night, the watchman was doing routine patrols and heard strange noises emanating from a secluded section of the school compound. When he went to find out, much to his shock, he saw silhouettes of two people dancing and gyrating their waists wildly.
And upon closer scrutiny, he realised they were two women — a mother and her daughter. The watchman raised an alarm and immediately local residents arrived.
When the two women were cornered with nowhere to run, they claimed they were searching for their lost cow! Immediately, neigbours who knew them began identifying them.
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“I know this woman very well, she is a member of Mothers’ Union at a Seventh Day Adventist Church down the road, where her husband is a pastor. This girl is her daughter and she schools at this institution,” a villager said, rather enthusiastically.
By then, the news had spread across neighbouring villages, and a crowd of people had flocked the school compound to witness the spectacle. Interestingly, some people in the crowd saw nothing strange with the duo, they defended them claiming they were not harmful, and some powerful forces push them to it.
“Eye nengaki enene yabarogi, tibakonyara gwetanga. Egento nkere aroro kebabetereretie gokorabo (This is the peak season for the witches and they cannot control themselves. Something keeps propelling them to do this),” an elderly man calmly defended them.
Witchcraft is alleged to run in the family and parents in such families are required — by tradition — to pass it down to their children. Kwamboka is alleged to be her parents’ favourite child through whom they had chosen to perpetuate their witchcraft tradition to their future generations.
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Allegedly, Kwamboka had all along been a good student at her former school, until later in her studies, when she graduated to Form Four, that she got indoctrinated in witchcraft.
Reportedly, she had developed a habit of waking up late at night, stealthily climb onto fellow students beds and cut their hair before tip-toing back to her bed discreetly.
A couple of students who shared a dormitory with her in her former school got suspicious of her nocturnal activities, and laid a trap to burst her. They agreed to get into their beds and pretend to be asleep but remain vigil. And as fate would have it, Kwamboka woke up and started her nocturnal antics as they keenly watched. One of the girls ran to the switch and put on the lights.
Kwamboka stood still, rooted on the spot, holding some strands of hair that she had cut and a pair of scissors, which she dropped down. After the incident she was forwarded to the school principle who expelled her.
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Her new school has also suspended her, and her mother and father have been expelled from their church. Via Standard Ditigal.

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