SHOCKING CLAIM: EU is just a ‘test run for a GLOBAL Government’

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PRESIDENT Barack Obama is backing the campaign for the UK to stay in Europe because the European Union (EU) is just a “dry run” at a global Government, a conspiracy theorist has extraordinarily claimed.

David Icke, Britian’s unofficial most well-know conspiracist, said in a video rant that he predicted in the 1990s that the EU would eventually merge with the USA and other continents to create an all-powerful world leadership.

In a video posted on his website, which claims to “expose the reality of the dreamworld”, and on YouTube he outlined his earlier predictions.

He said: “Since 20 or 25 years ago, I have been exposing what the EU is, and what it is wanting to do.

“And what it is wanting to do is unfolded step by step.

“We are being taken step by step to a global centralised society based on a world government, a World Central Bank, controlling all finance, and a world army imposing the will of the world government.

“This is what Nato is – a continually expanding Nato, which operates outside its designated area.

“I said in my books Nato would do this back in the 1990s – it is all over the bloody place now.

“A world currency will be cashless, there will be no cash.

“Look around you at what is happening in terms of cashless documentation.”

 He said the EU was under a “global structure designed to be a super states.”He added: “The EU is the first along the way to the goal. Then there will be the US union, the African union.”

Mr Icke said world leaders like President Barack Obama, who urged the British public to vote to stay in the EU on his visit last week, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron, were determined to keep the super state together, because they supported this plan.

Mr Icke also claimed the EU was actually being run by faceless cabals.

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