SHOCKING “Prophet” turns hair weaves to food and people eat!

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End times are here people. We are living in the end times WAKE UP! This prophet has been in the news and will continue to be in the news.

He has declared himself a holy prophet and his manifestation is in the crazy. He has asked people to undress to receive the holy spirit.


He has asked people to drink petrol and it will ‘taste like juice’ and the people drank petrol.

He has asked people to eat snake and it will turn to chocolate, and the people ate.

And yesterday he asked people to eat hair weaves claiming he turned it to food and people ate.

One thing that people miss out on, when Jesus turned water into wine, it was not water that tasted like wine, it was real wine. When Christ multiplied the bread and the fish, it was not an illusion, indeed there were 12 baskets left!

Truly ignorance of scripture is our doom.

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