SHOCKING: Vaccines in Kenya test positive for birth control hormones

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A legal battle in Kenya is looming between the government of Kenya and The Pharmacy and Poisons board on one side and a company that was being chocked to alter test results for samples of vaccines presented to them.

In a report that as aired on Kenya’s NTV and letters that were leaked on social media (copies below), the Government of Kenya and the Pharmacy and Poisons board contracted a company called Agric Quest Limited to test samples of vaccines some of which were scheduled to be administered through the months of  April and May countrywide.

These samples of polio vaccines tested positive for birth control hormones, a report which he presented to the Government and the Poisons board alongside the invoices for the job contracted. According to their lawyers, they were instructed to alter the results to indicate that the drugs were safe for administration.

While the company has the resources to sue, little is known about the fate of the thousands who have probably already received the vaccine. Just the other day, Melinda Gates claimed it makes her angry when people refuse to take these vaccines.



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