China legalises ‘re-education camps’ in Xinjiang

Centres tasked to teach Mandarin Chinese, legal concepts and vocational training, and carry out 'thought education'.

The regional government in China's Xinjiang region has passed new regulations for the controversial "re-education centres", as international criticism mounts over the detention of up to one million people in the restive far west.

The revised rules, passed on Tuesday, call on local governments to tackle "terrorism" by establishing "vocational education centres" that will carry out the "educational transformation of people who have been influenced by extremism".

The centres should teach Mandarin Chinese, legal concepts and vocational training, and carry out "thought education," according to a copy of the rules posted on the regional government's website.

As many as a million people are believed to have been detained in extrajudicial detention centres in Xinjiang as authorities there seek to battle what they describe as religious extremism, separatism and terrorism.

A previous version of the rules issued in March 2017 included a long list of prohibitions on religious behaviour including wearing long beards and veils. More details on Al Jazeera

Beijing's crackdown on religion seems to have reached its peak with a new plan to re-edit the Bible and make it compartible with the regime in the next 5 years. 

This is truly signs of the end times.

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