Fukushima Officials: Humans Should Never Eat Fish Again

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Fukushima scientists have warned the public that the days of eating fish from the Pacific ocean are well and truly over.

The continual leaking of nuclear waste into the ocean is being covered-up by officials and is getting worse each day.

According to one scientist, TEPCO, the company in charge of monitoring the plant, has data that shows radiation pouring into the Pacific Ocean non-stop for the past six years.

According to other scientists who have examined the radiation levels of fish in the ocean, the days of “eating fish from the Pacific ocean are over”.

The contaminated water is believed to contain traces of radioactive iodine, cesium, and strontium-89 and 90.

Despite efforts from the Japanese government to bring the problem under control, the fish have been saturated by the continuous radiation being pumped into the ocean. The contamination has also resulted in the closure of fishing industries.

Worryingly, new studies reveal that fish caught off the West coast of the United States and in Canada are also testing positive for radiation poisoning.

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