Pope Francis compares abortion to ‘hiring contract killer’

Pope Francis has compared having an abortion to hiring a hitman to kill somebody in order to solve the problem. He stressed this kind of solution is similar to what mafia does.

“Interrupting a pregnancy is like eliminating someone,” the Pope said in a weekly address to believers in Vatican’s Saint Peter's Square on Wednesday. “Getting rid of a human being is like resorting to a contract killer to solve a problem.”

Francis rejected the idea that having an abortion was a human right. “How can an act that suppresses innocent and defenseless life as it blossoms be therapeutic, civil or simply human?” he argued.

The Pope said the acceptance of abortion was part of a wider “depreciation of human life,” which also included wars, exploitation and “a culture of wastefulness.”

Previously Pope Francis compared abortion to a ‘white glove’ version of the Nazi eugenics program to preserve ‘racial purity’.

The Catholic Church has been historically opposed to both contraception and abortion, saying they go against a Biblical instruction to humanity to procreate and, in the case of abortion, the commandment not to kill.

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