Did President Trump delete LGBT, Climate Change from White House Website?

White House Website Transition

As soon as Donald Trump was inaugurated, social media went into meltdown, with many lamenting the immediate disappearance of certain hot topic issues from the White House website; despite this being standard procedure every 4 years.

In the hours leading up to Trump’s inauguration, the streets of Washington, DC were flooded with Black Lives Matter (BLM), LGBT, and anti-capitalist protesters. The protests soon became violent, almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy that a Trump presidency would usher in a terrible new era for America.

Many online were quick to point out that the official White House website had changed dramatically, and that searches for ‘LGBT’ or ‘climate change’ yielded no results.

Others were quick to call for calm and patience, recognizing that such sweeping changes were obviously the norm during the transfer of power.

Many mainstream media outlets have reported on the conspicuous disappearances, but have adopted a more cautious ‘wait-and-see’ approach for the time being, in light of increased scrutiny in the current era of fake news.

“Only time will tell if the removed LGBT page and references will be updated with other material for the gay and transgender communities,” writes Michelle Butterfield in The Huffington Post Canada.

“Is this just part of the transition and will we see a new page with Trump’s stamp of approval? Who knows,” writes Sarah Buhr of Techcrunch.

At this early stage of the transition, however, very few search queries actually yield any results, as the website seems to be practically empty.


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