The Unique Talents of Children That Need To Be Discovered and Educated


The Unique Talents of Children
That Need To Be Discovered & Educated

There is an important aspect of GOD’S gifts to men that today’s public education denies as much as they do the existence of GOD and His laws that uplift life's dignity. GOD has given to every child a unique and singular talent that only they have—and no one else. GOD has ordained this broad range of unique gifts and abilities to every member of the human family. Among the leading reasons for GOD’S distribution of talents is to bond the hearts of people together, where each person acknowledges their need for the contribution from every other. And thus, none are neglected in the pooling of talents that maintains our continued comfort in our daily living.

A microscopic example of this principle is seen in a simple living cell. One living cell within the human body contains an estimated one trillion machines. Each of these living machines depends on each and every one of the others to survive. They serve one another and rely on one another to maintain the life of that cell. The law of symbiosis rules within the structure of that cell. It is this same law of symbiotic relationships that sustains our society, where every trade contributes to meet every essential need. It should also be noted that heaven's law of symbiosis promotes benevolent love, where every component whether living or non-living contributes to the perpetuation of the whole of Creation.

Every man, woman and child is capable of identifying and educating their unique talent, to the end that society would be greatly blessed by their gift. When Solomon said, “Train up a child in the way he should go,” this includes not only developing the moral fiber that uplifts the dignity of life, but also developing the unique strengths of that child, to the end that their life may be full, productive and happy.

But public education works against identifying and educating the unique gifts that GOD has given to each of His children. After high school, many go off to college having no idea what their strengths are, and therefore haphazardly choose their careers, usually based on what will bring the maximum income. And along the way the choice to change one's major is not uncommon. As a result, what is commonly seen is how multitudes are unhappy in their life's career, and therefore, regrets fill their hearts simply because they didn’t know their unique strengths and/or follow their passions for what they deeply loved. We tend to love the most what we do best—and do best what we love the most.

But no matter how much you love a certain trade, if you do it full time, it is easy to burn out. As a result, many become bitter over time. This is where having proper rest comes in: so as to be completely refreshed that when the job is re-engaged it can remain a joy and not a burden throughout one’s life.

So how do we identify a child's gifts? Parental traits of strength often give some insight. Often the parents' talents are carried to their offspring. Some children are primarily optical in their observation and learning, while others are more aural. There are even specialty questionnaires that also provide some insight to identify specific talents such as literature, music, arts, science, mechanical aptitude, engineering, etc. But over and above the academic education of talent, is the need to train the child's morality, because as society's moral degradation continues its descent the child needs to see the moral absolutes of eternity: the values that never change and that are set in the two tables of stone given to Moses.

If the child’s talent can be identified early he/she can then begin a course of education that includes every associated subject with the child’s talent. And by the time the child matures into adulthood a high standard of proficiency would be gained and highly respected throughout their career. But there is one danger. When a child's talent is identified and the education is developing, the child will inevitably demand to stop the education and change their direction to take up something else. The whimsical nature of children must be anticipated. This is where prayerful care should be taken so as to not give in to the child's demand, and by so doing rob the child of the virtue of perseverance. For the child to persevere here will strengthen their ability to persevere in every endeavor of life.

Gary McAleer

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