Why single mothers make great wives

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Owing to the fact that they have a child or two, many single mothers find it hard finding lasting love that leads to marriage. For many a man shows interest until they discover she has a child. Some have had to keep the child a secret when they meet a man. Whereas one cannot wish away the challenge of having a child out of wedlock, I think there are some positive aspects that this experience creates in a woman that would be assets in marriage.

Mother and Child

1. Single Mothers show a high level of responsibility
Married men will agree with me that a responsible woman is worth more than any beauty. Marriage requires a woman who can manage things around the house and to an extent manage the family – the man and the kids. A single mother has to learn to take care of another being, in most cases alone with the father of the baby having taken off. A single mother is therefore not green; she is experienced in taking care of another one. In most cases they live on their own and you can see their ‘works’ when you visit their homes. With this experience an average single mother will make a good home keeper.


2. Single mothers are realistic
Most single mothers have been betrayed by the men responsible for the pregnancy. Many made mistakes that led to the pregnancy – sex before marriage, unprotected sex and even one night stands. They therefore understand that to error is human. The fact that they most likely have been disappointed badly by a man who walked away have hardened them in some way to appreciate that there isn’t a perfect man out there. The single mother isn’t looking for a perfect man coz she knows she isn’t one either. In fact most have tore their tall, dark and handsome wish list. She is likely to accept your weaknesses as a man.

3. A Single mother is focused
Having the responsibility of raising a kid on their own forces most single mothers have to plan for the future of the kids alone. Those who don’t get child support especially have to plan for the daily needs of the kid, meet the many expenses and think about tomorrow’s needs like school fees and plan for them. Even those who get child support still have to administer this alone. Such a person has to learn to keep her eyes on what is important. When you marry this lady she knows the importance of budgeting and prioritizing. Secondly she appreciates and values the importance of planning for the future and saving for it. As a man you will you will defiantly do with someone who understands when they have to wait to get something because the available cash has to be saved for the future.

At the end of the day the responsibility of bringing up a child alone is an experience that leaves most ladies rich in their character and world view. I however don’t rule out possibilities of some who don’t change and who leave their children with their relatives and continue to live carefree and get worse. But I believe that for most it makes them better people and great wife materials.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t meant to glorify single mothers above other girls but rather to show despite what may seem like a negative aspect that experience has built in them some great aspects that would make better prepared to be wives. That one has a kid should therefore not a basis to shun them. In fact the experience most likely has made them a better person and prepared them better for marriage.

Single women too need to be loved unconditionally and be married without prior prejudice.

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