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Snake Pastor’s Church Burnt Down – Finally!

Snake Pastor’s Church Burnt Down – Finally!


Pretoria residents on Sunday burned down a church belonging to a pastor who recently made the news in South Africa for making congregants eat rats and snakes.

The Julius Malema-led Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) joined up with Soshanguve and angry residents visited the church in Shoshanguve, a township situated about 25 km north of Pretoria.

Pastor Penuel Mnguni has made headlines in recent weeks for feeding his congregants snakes and rats saying it was for deliverance.

Pastor Penuel, who is also known for stomping on his congregation as well as making them strip naked as part of his healing method, was nowhere to be seen when the EFF and residents visited the tent where his church meets for their services.

They then decided to burn down the tent where the church service is normally held and within minutes, the tent was set alight.

There was also an exchange of blows between congregants and residents before police officers arrived to calm down the situation