Social media apps turning people to robots in continual evolution

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Before you start hating on the comments, read through this article.

Have you watched the TV sitcom the Big Bang Theory? In the theme song when the song gets to the part that says “we build the pyrmids” which photo is shown? Yes it is the all seeing Illuminati symbol.

Have you watched all the episodes and seen the T-Shirts that Sheldon Copper wears? They all have evolution theme that shows the next stage of evolution is robotism. An entire episode shows Sheldon trying to use a computer to replace him from daily chores.

In the very first episode when asked if he has friends he quoted Facebook and Myspace friends.

How does this work?

Facebook and Whatsapp (for now) while portraying an outward image of connecting the world is actually replacing human interaction at a very alarming rate.

People have more online than real life friends. Human interaction is being phased out slowly. You have a neighbour whom you check on whatsapp not his/her house.

Even within the apps, time for others is reducing by the minute. Happy Birthdays became HBDs. You dont care to really find out beyond that. Today, they even found ways of helping you comment faster. Instead of typing this is funny….click on a laughing emoticon and move on.

Slowly we are being wired into robots. Human interactions is becoming more of a program. With that, you really take out the humanity out of people. Facebook has announced a new feature which now allows you to ‘choose’ who you want to see their posts. In short you may have 700 friends but with that, you can just see from those you want to.

Compare that with the plan of God. God created us to live in a loving caring community. But today, we can brag of an application that transcends continents, races, tribes and languages but at the end, the same application is phasing out your humanity and turning you into a robot.

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