End times headlinesSomething Big Is Coming - Governments Warn People To...

Something Big Is Coming – Governments Warn People To ‘Prepare’


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Governments across the globe are expecting something big, some event that has them suddenly encouraging their populace to “prepare,” the most recent of which is Germany, who for the first time since the end of the cold war are planning to tell their citizens to stockpile food and water, in case of an “attack or catastrophe,” according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper. (Link to translated version)

Reuters cites the report encouraging the stockpiling of 10 days worth of food and at least enough drinking water to last five day, reminding readers that “Germany’s Defence Minister said earlier this month the country lay in the ‘crosshairs of terrorism’ and pressed for plans for the military to train more closely with police in preparing for potential large-scale militant attacks.”

The timing of the specific mention of the military to train more with police, along with the plans to tell citizens to prepare, is interesting as we see the U.S. has also issued a warning to citizens, via Barack Obama to be “prepared for disaster” as the administration unveiled a new FEMA app, back in June 2016.

With the recent push to federalize state and local law enforcement agencies and create a “global police force,” controlled by the UN, we believe that it isn’t a just terrorist attack, or natural disaster that Germany and the U.S. is preparing for, but an “event” much larger in scope that would require citizens to depend on only themselves to survive.

Whether that is a global economic collapse, a celestial event, an attack against the grid, or even the stronger possibility of a nuclear war, since Russia has been preparing for one for years, even building underground command centers and bunkers for its citizens, and as Stefan Stanford reported just days ago, China is also warning its citizens to prepare for war, it appears governments across the globe are waiting for something big to happen.

In the video below, we hear how Germany is in the “crosshairs,” of the Islamic invasion and how the videographer believes this is a huge headsup that they are expecting something to happen and that is why they are planning to tell their people to prepare, to reinforce their homes, be ready to defend them.

It seems unlikely they are telling people to “prepare” for just a ‘terror attack’ as has been seen in Germany recently, or the type that occurred in Paris, or Nice, France, or even what occurred in San Bernardino, California or Orlando, Florida, because while tragic and devastating, in none of those instances did the populace of a country have their survival depend on their food, water and medical supplies.

Whatever is coming is going to be a global event, something big enough where governments know they are not going to be able to “help.” Source

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  1. Yes all we have to believe in Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ because He’s coming back and He gave us a Messenger to warn us about this End Time events(Malachi4:5-6;Luke 17:30;Revelation10:7)Even so Lord Jesus come…Home going time

  2. Global police controlled by the U.N.!!!! a known illuminate blood hungry body under the pretext of humanitarian services, as it their invention of the AIDS virus targeting to reduce certain populations specifically Black communities and other third world countries was not enough???, the world surely needs to worry and go down on there knees to pray to the Original GOD, not the new world order god.

  3. what’s going to happen is the return of our Lord Jesus.. He has called for preparation through repentance and living a holy life until His appearance.
    The rapture is going to take place any moment and those in right standing with the Lord are soon going to be lifted off the planet. REPENT, RECEIVE JESUS NOW AND BE BAPTISED. THE MESSIAH IS COMING!!


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