End times headlinesSoon Adventists Shall Be Hunted Down As Terrorists, Enemies...

Soon Adventists Shall Be Hunted Down As Terrorists, Enemies Of Peace


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Ah the sweet days when i did not know about the Book of Revelation and what is playing out in the background! Those were days I could trust anyone. I could trust when leaders issues threats of war on behalf of a people for the death of one person. I could trust when leaders from two very differing faiths meet to pray together for a common cause.

But not anymore. And if you are an Adventist reading this, then you should be aware of what is happening. Let us get the basic jist….the Catholic Church is the divided toes of clay and iron in the prophecy of Daniel. It is also the terrible beast that Daniel could not describe in Chapter 7. It is also the same beast of Revelation 13.

Now Daniel in his prophecy introduced us to a Political-Religious power that will for a moment unite the whole world. This I believe would result in a temporary state of peace, security, maybe happiness to the whole world. And it is in this state that the huge stone came in and crushed this Kingdom.

Today around the world, we are in a state of war and confusion everywhere. Politically, nearly every country of this world, the Citizens are not happy with the political leadership. Every one would rather have ‘their person’ at the top or at least someone impartial. We are at the brink of Nuclear War playing out in Syria with Russia, Nato  and obviously other Nuclear trigger happy leaders.

In religious circles, we are at our most division. Muslims around the world are facing threats from their neighbors. The worst atrocities committed in the last 20yrs have Islamic terrorists ties. I mean in a large perspective we are blaming Islam, the religion for these heinous crimes.

But now at the center stage of all these, we have the Pope. Smark right in the middle. Politically, he is working with Obama on the elephant in the room, climate change. We now blame everything happening around the world on climate change. And if you don’t, and if your president doesn’t, then the people that matter politically do. The Issues in Syria and the issues in America are blamed on Climate Change. Obama has risked his political career by addressing climate change in the face of terror attacks with nearly 50% of Americans or more expecting him to act on terrorism.

The Pope has recently at The UN addressed Climate change and was seeking all leaders to Unite in the fight to save our environment. Obama traveled to a Summit in a country that is not the US, and had in days of his visit had the worst terrorist attack, because he would be addressing climate change to world leaders.

And in religious circles, the Pope has again been meeting religious leaders uniting them. To religious leaders, the Pope’s message is “we all are brothers and sisters”. Let us not use religion to harm others.

Now in the back of it, we are forgetting that the same Pope (Title), helped create Islam a few hundreds years ago. We are forgetting that the same Pope were the terrorists a few thousand years ago.  That their attacks were worse than ISIS today. That the catholic church burned, tortured to death, threw in cages with animals and massacred more than 50 million people. So why should we trust the catholic church today?

Recently the Pope apologized to the Waldenses for these crimes. So why should we trust that this particular Pope has changed his stripes? Obviously we can’t!

This is how it will play out. The Pope will unite religious and political leaders. Whichever language, only God knows but so far more world leaders are accepting climate change as a very serious issue to be ‘fought’ together. More people are accepting that religious intolerance is wrong.

And you know religious intolerance right? That a Muslim should not cut my throat just because I do not think Mohammed was a prophet. And that I as a Christian cannot tell another Christian that Sunday is not the true Sabbath. Or that pouring water on someones head is only as good as relieving some heat but not Baptism. That, I cannot call the Pope a beast. That is religious intolerance.

And when this happens, it will be for the VERY FIRST time that the Catholic Church will have the WHOLE world wondering after it. Revelation 13:3. During the dark ages, Christianity had not spread throughout the world. But today? Every country in the world knows two religions exist, The Pope and ISIS. Even countries that no Christian missionary has visited yet, at least they know there is Christian and Muslim. They don’t know that Adventists, Jehovah Witnesses and Protestants are all Christians, but they know the Pope.  They don’t know Islam has the Sunni and the Shia, but they know Islam.

The Pope is on the side of peace and goodwill, travelling in countries that had been attacked by Muslim Terrorists and telling them Muslims and Christians are Brothers and Sisters. What of Islam? Now every country in the world knows that the worst attacks have been by Muslims. From The World Trade Centre, Osama, Boko Haram, Al Shaabab and the dreaded ISIS, all have been by people professing Islam.

So when we find a solution, and in that solution, we find peace and the Pope is right at the Center of it, then the world will be under the Catholic Church. New World Order. The Popes will now be able to take part in selecting leaders across the world. Yes in the past the Pope had Kings bow down to him. And this will happen again, why? Because no Power today has been as long as the Catholic Church. NONE. And in all this time, The Catholic Church has NOT changed even once.

They still value the same principles, the same organizations like the Jesuit, of which this current Pope is one. They still think the same way, that anyone who goes to Church on Saturday is a heretic that should be thrown to a cage of lions. They still think that the Pope is a succession of Peter and holds the vital position of “Christ on earth”. In other words, the Pope still believes that he is Christ on earth. So he is still addressed as The Holiness, Holy Father etc. As in, the Pope is the most powerful leader in the world both politically and spiritually.

So when we find peace, and in the midst of it, we have a group of Adventists claiming the Pope is a beast, then we will know who the real terrorists are. And we should thank God for “Unless those days had been cut short, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short.” Matthew 24:22

Adventists will be thrown in Courts for disturbing the peace. You will be fired from work for going to Church on Sabbath. As ISIS is hunted down today, drones will sweep through your churches every Sabbath to see who defies the laws of the world leader. The whole situation will happen again as it did to the Williams Millers. But this time, it will happen to a world scale.

Every country in the world will be united to fight this new threat. A threat that speaks evil of a world leader. A leader who is unbiased. A leader who does not recognize the tiny tribal and racial squabbles you guys fight all the time about. And Christ says this period of time will be shortened for the sake of the elect. I think Christ meant, the pains of that time will be so bad that to save His people, it will be shortened.

And how soon do you think that is? Am not sure how many more years I will live, but I trust it could happen in this generation. We are at the brink of a nuclear war. We all know we simply cannot have another war, not nuclear for God’s sake. What if this solution is found right about now? The UN is in virtually every country and it has made itself such a crucial asset that your leaders cannot downplay.

What if this Pope gives the world a solution for the Muslim and Christian wars? He already has the biggest Televangelists on board. Recently Don Moen claimed that people of all faiths are praying to Papa Fransisco.  Every single faith in this world has sung to the hymns of Don Moen. So when he claims people of all faiths, I trust he speaks for nearly all Christians in the world. The Pope has been to nearly all countries attacked by Islamic Terrorists. He has been to The US, Kenya, Uganda, Central African Republic most recently. And in all these places, he has tried to visit the worst places in terms of security to prove the world he is coming in peace. And curiously, he has always worn white. And in all these places, he has called for everyone to unite. He has called Muslims and Christians, Brothers and Sisters. He has so far said we all worship the same God So what if The Pope goes to Syria or to ISIS? Surely the whole world will stop to listen? What if he is killed there? Maybe the whole world will unite and listen to the next Pope. But still, what if he comes out alive and has brought peace….Now the whole world must listen to the Pope!

Am no prophet, but it takes no prophet to see what is happening. If we are not firm in our belief and faith then we may have no one to stand on that day. Many a times we have thought the words of Christ in the wrong context. “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. Matthew 24:9″

In the dark ages, they were not hated by the whole world. They were only hated by the Catholic Popes. Christ said you shall be hated by all nations. This has not happened yet but soon it will. Every nation of the world shall hate you. It shall hate that you choose to go to Sabbath on Saturday. Every nation in the world shall hate you.

But still Christ will give you strewth. When you stand with God, God will stand with you. And in those days, we will stand. We will stand up and be counted. ” And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations Matthew 24:14″

So when you stand up as an Adventist, you stand in the right path. But are you so firmly held in your belief to stand up? I guess not. Let us unite in prayer, study our bibles and pray even more. Christ made prayer his friend. He spoke constantly to his Father while on earth through prayers. For support, for strength, for wisdom, how much more do we need to be in prayer today? When everywhere around us, we have disruptions pulling us away from God. Whatsapp, CandyCrush, Facebook, Music, Movies, Sex…you name it. All around us. When the Devil has encompassed all around us, how much more should we pray?

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